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Anti-Aging Therapy
Blood Pressure
Digestive System Problems
Ear Nose Throat Therapies
Joint Disorder
Muscle Pain
Liver Disorders
Urinary Problem
Piles & Fistula
Sleep Disorders
Skin Disease
Ulcerative Colitis
Weight loss

Welcome to Dr Agravat Ayurveda Clinic Ahmedabad…

Ayurveda! The Science of Life has its roots in divinity, though Ayurveda is considered as the mother of healing. Ayurveda is not just a medical science but it is a holistic approach to life. It enlightens the intimate relationship between the purity and the elegance, the body and the soul, the human and the cosmos. Ayurveda basically evolved not as a medical system but as a way of life that would enable man to reach the state of “Moksha” or salvation.

In Ayurveda, There are eight divisions of treatments.

Kaya Chikitsa (General treatment)
Bala Chikitsa (Pediatrics)
Urndhanga Chikitsa (ENT & eye diseases treatment)
Grahachikitsa (Psychiatry)
Salya Chikitsa (Surgical procedures)
Visha Chikitsa (Toxicology)
Rasayana Chikitsa (Geriatrics)
Vajeekarana Chikitsa (Aphrodisiac treatment)

These treatments gives you complete cure and a cost effective solution.

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