Agravat Ayurvedic Clinic Ahmedabad


Ayurveda is The Miracle of Indian Science of Medicine

First and foremost an exclusive ayurvedic clinic has in its objects to provide traditional treatments, Rejuvenation, Panchkarma or detoxification therapies. The wonderful curative powers of ayurveda treatments.

The Ayurveda clinic is managed by reputed Dr. Harsha Agravat who had been Awarded by

  • Gujarat state Home Minister,
  • Gujarat state Educational Chairman,
  • APMC Vice Chairman..

It represents some of the most reputed super specialty ayurveda hospitals, ayurvedic nursing homes, and ayurveda health resort



10 responses on “Agravat Ayurvedic Clinic Ahmedabad

  1. Kamal Trivedi says:

    Do you offer any short courses in Ayurveda that I could take to receive a certification? I am coming from the U.S. And will be there for a short period in December. My family lives in Ahmedabad. Please email me and let me know if you offer any Ayurveda classes in English. I am very interested in receiving Ayurvedic knowledge during my visit to India in December. Also, where exactly are you located in Ahmedabad? Thank you.

  2. sweety bohra says:
  3. bkgovind says:

    i need panchkarma treatment for mother

  4. munish says:

    I want to course

  5. Antes Marutirao Kanchani says:

    Respected Sir,

    My Eye History is as under:-

    In the Year 2011, Eye Vision was observed 36/12 & 36/36 during  IFFCO Medical check-up in Sterling Hospital but I was careless and not taken any treatment & taken very lightly. After more than 1 year I have______

    1.    Done OCT i.e. x-ray of Eyes in the Year 2012, Dr. advised to start Medicine as Right Eye is very much clear but in Left Eye the vision is not clear hence started taking Medicine  (Tablet – Glow eye & Drops – Novanec) .
    2.    Medicine & Drop treatment done for 6 Months but No Improvement hence Dr. has given 3 Nos. “Avastin” Injections only in Left Eye.

    3.    Done OCT on 7th July, 2015 i.e. x-ray of Eyes, there was some improvement in the Left Eye. 

    4. Again on 19th April, 2016 done OCT i.e. x-ray of Eyes but in there is no improvement in the Left Eye ( OCT attached ) and advised for “Ozurdex Implant Surgery” 

    5.    After “Ozurdex Implant Surgery”  again on 15th July, 2016 Done OCT i.e. x-ray of Eyes, Dr. says that there is a improvement but in my opinion there is little bit  improvement in the Left Eye  ( OCT attached ) and
    advised to stop the Drops. We will check after 3 Months. 

    6. After 3 Months, again on 7th October, 2016 Done OCT i.e. x-ray of Eyes, there is some improvement in the Left Eye. 

    7.    Again after 3 Months, on 21st January, 2017 Done OCT i.e. x-ray of Eyes. After OCT observation, Dr. says that in my opinion there is little bit  improvement in the Left Eye  ( OCT attached ) and
    advised to stop the Drops. We will check after 3 Months. 

    OCT is attached for reference Sir,

    Please note that on 10th February, 2017 “Cataract” operation was done in my left Eye. Please advice, after taking Treatment, my Left Eye problem can be solved ? If yes, please send the Address to consult the Doctor.

    With Best Regards,

    Antes Marutirao Kanchani
    Residence Address: 105, Kedar Apartment,
    Near Sankalp Flats,
    Nava Wadaj,
    Shankar Nagar Society,
    Ahmedabd – 380013
    Tel : (M) 9898505554

  6. Sumita says:

    Please advise if you have any treatments for Vertigo

  7. Kruti says:

    My brother, age 26, is suffering from severe sensorineural hearing loss.
    Is there any treatment available for that?

  8. Dr. Jalpa N. Khamar says:

    Hello sir,
    I am an ayurvedic doctor. If there is a vacancy regarding my qualification please contact me. Thank you

  9. Jay says:

    Please could you send me package and price details for rejuvenation for January 2019.

    Would like details for 3 night to 7 night stay.

  10. Chirag says:

    I want know about course of ayurveda

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